Sunday Services

SUNDAY MORNING SCHEDULE 10:00am – Sunday Morning Worship Service             SUNDAY, SEPT 11 WINTER HOURS @ 10:45AM KIDZ CENTRAL @ 10:30AM Is this Your First Time at Central Christian Church…

  • Current Happenings

    Current Happenings

    Welcome to Central Christian Church  You are amongst friends We are not here to judge, criticize or condemn We are here because we love God & are growing in our sincere desire to love each other. We are not perfect, we definitely still have flaws But we are growing in our grace, compassion, mercy & love. All because we have discovered the wonderful words of love that fill the pages of the bible. We are learning to delight in the words of God. If This Is Your First Time at Central Christian Church….. RELAX & look through the program. We’re …

    Preschool Program & Nursery

    We encourage all families to take advantage of our children’s program. We have age appropriate lessons taught in our Education Building (first level) for 2-4  and 5 year olds. The Nursery is located beside the children’s classrooms. If you have a child that you would like to take to the nursery, please see one of the pre-school teachers, so that we are able to provide a nursery worker.

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