Update – Friday, Aug 10

Daisy sent an email on Wednesday, August 8th —the first message I received since July 20th. She is now with the family in Lebanon. She crossed the border and entered [illegally] on Saturday, August 4th. She said the way was terrible, she was exhausted, and the last week was very difficult for her; but now she is happy to be together with her family.

The other good news is that on Monday, August 6th, they had an appointment with the UNHCR [United Nations High Commission for Refugees] and the family is now registered with a UNHCR file number.

The internet connection isn’t good in the area where they are….but George was able to send another message with a picture of the family from his new phone using WhatsApp. He is giving a lot of thanks.

We’re waiting to hear word concerning the court case. The lawyer representing us and the family filed the Application of Record in Toronto federal court on July 31st with supporting arguments and facts for the Application for Leave and for Judicial Review, filed on May 22, 2018.

Lawyers for federal Department of Justice have one month in which to respond to the challenge. We will have to wait patiently to see the outcome and whether or not IRCC opposes the motion to dismiss the ruling against the Nakhleh family. In the meantime we ask everyone to pray for George, Daisy, Mark and Lulu.

I received this picture later from George. He’s a very happy man to have Daisy join them in Lebanon.

Paul Stevenson

Announcement re Challenge of Nakleh Decision – 2018-07-20