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Church Bulletin for Sunday JUNE 24, 2018


Beck announces candidacy for Charlottetown election

Our Financial Selfie Jan-Mar 2018

Welcome to Central Christian Church 
You are amongst friends
We are not here to judge, criticize or condemn
We are here because we love God & are growing in our sincere desire to love each other.
We are not perfect, we definitely still have flaws
But we are growing in our grace, compassion, mercy & love. All because we have discovered the wonderful words of love that fill the pages of the bible. We are learning to delight in the words of God.
Callum Beck’s office hours are now Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 10:00am-1:00pm.
Most days you will be able to find him here, but it is  best to call him first & make an appointment. His direct line is 902-894-3853 & cell is 902-213-5212.
Remember to pray for our shut-ins, who are active members at Central & would love a visit.
Andrews (Stratford):Lillian MacVicar
Andrews (Charlottetown):Chrystine Gallant, Muriel Anderson
Chappell Court – Sandra Rashed, Lois Hooley, Don & Ethel MacQuarrie
Charlottes Residence: Suzie MacCallum
Corrigan Lodge: Verna Vessey, Eva MacLeod
Atlantic Baptist: Anne Moreside
Garden Home – George Rashed
Langille House –  Bernice Agnes Brazil
The Mount: Olive Stewart, Ola Hamilton
Stampers – Jean Wheatley, Judy Allen
We ask for committed/continual prayer in the following areas:
For the Elders- Wayne Peters, Blair Myers & Ron Ryder.
For the Board of Trustees, For ALL Committee members & this church
For Callum, as he ministers to this congregation
Prayer is essential for every corner of the work of the Lord to be covered.
It can be awkward inviting someone to church. We have fears about the relationship changing. What if they think we’re weird, or worse, think we’re just friends with them so we can invite them to church? Yet the reason you attend a church is, somewhere along the way, someone decided to take a risk, to take a chance and invite you. They knew that everything would change if you heard about Jesus, if you saw life-changing community unfold before you and thought, “I have to invite this person to my church.”But how do you know if it is time to take that risk? How do you do it? First, how do you know if you should invite someone?
There are clues to listen to when you talk to someone. Andy Stanley calls these “the not cues.” When you hear a person say something like, “Things are not going well.” Or, “I’m not prepared for …” Or, “I am not from here, we just moved to the area.”When you hear any of these, you know it is worth the risk. Often the person who says these things is searching for something. They may not think it is Jesus, but it is. Another way is to know what your church is preaching on and finding someone who would benefit from that. Maybe your church is doing a series on marriage, and you have a friend who is struggling in their marriage. Invite them. It might be a series on apologetics, and you have a friend who loves to argue about religion or has questions about who Jesus is and why Christianity is true. Invite them. Once you decide to take the risk, and hopefully you do, the next question is how. That is an awkward moment. I remember this past Christmas inviting a friend to church, and when they didn’t come I thought, “Great, now it’s going to be weird.” Usually it isn’t. I saw them a week later, and it was fine. Life moved on, so don’t fear. I’ll ask them again. You can call, text, email, share a Facebook event page or talk to them. Hand them an invite card. Take them out to lunch afterward to answer questions they have or simply to hang out with them. Be sure when you bring them to introduce them to people. Especially your pastor; he’ll love to meet your friend.
Let me end with this. You never know when a simple invite can change a life. Hopefully your life has changed because of attending your church. This is a chance to change someone’s life and eternity, to help them see the life found only in Jesus.
Looking for something to do with all those bottles, juice boxes, and pop cans lying around?
Help support the great ministries happening here at Central! All funds collected will be deposited into the “General Fund” and will be used to care for the needs of our congregation and our community.
**Items to Collect**
All drinkable items
Other than dairy products
Please remove ALL caps off bottles
So what are you waiting for?
Drop off to:
Charlottetown Bottle & Metal today & tell them to donate to Central Christian Church!
We are fortunate to have a beautiful church kitchen and it is important to keep our kitchen neat clean and well organized. If you use the kitchen you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. This includes cleaning the counters, sinks, disposing of garbage properly – (compost, waste and recyclables), returning items to their proper places, wiping up spills and sweeping up.
Also, please remember that any items placed in the fridge are to be named and dated.  Anything not identified will be discarded every Monday.
Thank you