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Welcome to our Church pamphlet 2020
Chronology of Central

July 2021 Newsletter

Church Service: 10:30am
We are so happy to be able to have you join us in person and to have those of you join us online. We are not at capacity, so if you wish to join us in person, please sign up with the link

The church office sends out each Monday or call the church office at 902-894-5234. (If you do not receive emails from the church, please contact us or email We want to keep you CONNECTED!!!

Kidz Central Sunday School – 10:30am
Maddie MacLean (our summer children & youth ministry coordinator) is leading our Summer Children’s Church. It is upstairs at 10:30 each Sunday morning. You can register by texting (902-629-9451) or emailing Maddie ( There are some dates that we need some volunteers to help with Kidz Central
July 25, August 1, August 15, August 22.

Please bring your kids to the Education Building door on Kent Street. The door will unlocked at 10:15am (no early birds please). Please supply your children with a mask.  Greeters will sign them in and take their temperature. After church service, please go to the Education building doors on Kent St to pick up your child. NO entrance is permitted through the church.
**If you are able to donate prepackaged snacks, this would be appreciated**

Ways to Connect to the Service

  • Facebook  “Central Christian Church“. This will allow you to be part of the online chat that happens every week with other members of the congregation.  Just “LIKE” Central Christian Church’s Facebook page and you will get a notification when we go live on Sunday morning.
  •   The watch live button is only available to watch the service LIVE on Sunday at 10:00am. 
  •  The last 3 sermons are attached for you to watch.

There are several ways to support the ministry here at Central
+ A weekly collection is received during the service, where you can give by cash or cheque (Call the church office for envelopes or pick up a pack at Connect Table).
+ Offerings can be given by Pre-Authorized Remittance; forms are available at the Connect Table. Fill out & return to the church office when completed.
+ Email transfers to
+ Click on the green DONATE BUTTON on our home page (for credit card donations)

Who are we?
We are Simply a congregation of Christians. We are not a denomination. Acts 11 :26 ; Acts 26:28; Peter 4:16.
We are Christians only. Simply a church of Christians.
The Christian church was established on the day of Pentecost, 30 A.D., following the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Mathew 16:16-18. We have no earthly headquarters.

Is this Your First Time at Central Christian Church…
RELAX and look through this worship program. We’re glad you’re here!
The RESTROOMS are located on the left side of our auditorium.
HEADPHONES and jacks are strategically located throughout the main sanctuary for those who are hearing impaired.
Please REMEMBER that we are a fragrance free building. Thank you so much for your help by not wearing scented products while attending the services.

Remember to pray for our shut-ins, who are active members at Central & would love a visit.
Atlantic Baptist: Anne Moreside
Corrigan Lodge: Verna Vessey
Chappell Court: Vida Cass, & Shirley MacKay
Langille House:  Bernice Agnes Brazil
The Mount:  Ola Hamilton
Whisperwood: Carl & Irene Hamm
Montague: Don & Ethel MacQuarrie
We ask for committed/continual prayer in the following areas:
For the Elders- Wayne Peters, Blair Myers, & Marvin Sanchez .
For the Board of Trustees, For ALL Committee members & this church
For Callum & Leanna, as they minister to the congregation
Prayer is essential for every corner of the work of the Lord to be covered.
Membership in Central Christian Church can be an important part of full participation in our community of believers.

Enrolled members are permitted to help guide the future of our church through voting at the annual meeting. Membership is a requirement to participate in certain committees including worship, missions, education, tellers, nominating, finance and camp representatives.

The bylaws of Central Christian Church state:
Any penitent believer who has made a public confession of his faith in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and who has been immersed into Christ, can become a member of this congregation. Those who have been immersed in connection with this local body, and who chooses to do so, or any immersed believer, who transfers their membership here, will be enrolled on the official records of the congregation.

If you are interested in membership here, please talk to our pastor Callum Beck or any of the elders of Central Christian Church

Church office 902.894.5234
Church email
Pastor Callum Beck 902.213.5212
Wayne Peters  902.566.4082

It can be awkward inviting someone to church. We have fears about the relationship changing. What if they think we’re weird, or worse, think we’re just friends with them so we can invite them to church? Yet the reason you attend a church is, somewhere along the way, someone decided to take a risk, to take a chance and invite you. They knew that everything would change if you heard about Jesus, if you saw life-changing community unfold before you and thought, “I have to invite this person to my church.”But how do you know if it is time to take that risk? How do you do it? First, how do you know if you should invite someone?
There are clues to listen to when you talk to someone. Andy Stanley calls these “the not cues.” When you hear a person say something like, “Things are not going well.” Or, “I’m not prepared for …” Or, “I am not from here, we just moved to the area.”When you hear any of these, you know it is worth the risk. Often the person who says these things is searching for something. They may not think it is Jesus, but it is. Another way is to know what your church is preaching on and finding someone who would benefit from that. Maybe your church is doing a series on marriage, and you have a friend who is struggling in their marriage. Invite them. It might be a series on apologetics, and you have a friend who loves to argue about religion or has questions about who Jesus is and why Christianity is true. Invite them. Once you decide to take the risk, and hopefully you do, the next question is how. That is an awkward moment. I remember this past Christmas inviting a friend to church, and when they didn’t come I thought, “Great, now it’s going to be weird.” Usually it isn’t. I saw them a week later, and it was fine. Life moved on, so don’t fear. I’ll ask them again. You can call, text, email, share a Facebook event page or talk to them. Hand them an invite card. Take them out to lunch afterward to answer questions they have or simply to hang out with them. Be sure when you bring them to introduce them to people. Especially your pastor; he’ll love to meet your friend.
You never know when a simple invite can change a life. Hopefully your life has changed because of attending your church. This is a chance to change someone’s life and eternity, to help them see the life found only in Jesus.
1. God is still there! Trust Him!
2. Breathe in a fresh awareness of His presence!
3. Turn your thoughts off of your issue and onto Jesus, the One who can deal with your issue. Play worship music and join in!
4. Silence/Listening – sometimes it is best to simply get quiet and listen for the voice of God. There is healing in stillness and wisdom in listening.
5. Remember that the Holy Spirit is there to give voice to your prayers in alignment with the will of the Father when you are unable.
6. Consider that what might be causing your inability to pray or your lack of desire for prayer. Use Psalm 51 as your prayer so that God can reveal the hidden things, and so that you can take the time to repent and confess. Your relationship will be fully restored and a prayer of thankfulness will likely be the result. – Harvest Prayer Ministries