Callum Beck, Minister

  I was born in Virginia, while my father was doing his psychiatric internship there, but was raised in Charlottetown.  Summers were spent at the family cottage on the Montague River with our Beck relatives.  We went to Central during the year and the Montague Church of Christ in the summer.  I grew up with a very high regard for the Restoration Movement that these churches  were a part of, especially their emphasis on the authority of the Scriptures and the unity of the body of Christ.
I gave my life to Jesus in grade 7 when Reggie Thomas was holding an evangelistic service at Central.  While being far from a “perfect” Christian in my teen years, my faith was very real to me and even then was the most important thing in my life.  After graduating from Colonel Gray in 1973 I decided to go to Alberta Bible College, to the complete shock of almost all around me.  It proved to be the most formative year of my life as it solidly grounded me in my faith and challenged me to serve Jesus in a real way.
I then completed a Bachelor’s degree at UPEI, majoring in philosophy, while assisting Brent Williams as he launched a youth ministry here at Central.  In 1979 I married my high school sweetheart, Lorraine Cahill, and from 1980-83 we were at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Tennessee.  I majored in Old Testament.  From 1984-96 we were involved in a ministry among international and refugee people in Toronto.  We returned home to take care of Lorraine’s aging parents.
Since that time I have been teaching half-time at Maritime Christian College (up until 2001) and UPEI, mostly in Religious Studies.  From 1998-2004 I was also the half-time minister at New Glasgow Christian Church, and from 2004-2011 completed my doctoral dissertation on the Protestant-Catholic Divide on PEI.  I received my Doctor of Philosophy degree in September 2011.  In June of 2012 I began my ministry part-time here at Central.
My favourite sport is basketball, which pretty much makes me a heretic in the hockey-mad Beck family, and I also love swimming and the water.  My number one hobby is listening to and collecting music.  My favourite group is the Beach Boys, and I know far more about them and their music than any sane man should.  At the age of 57 I crossed off one of my bucket list items and went Surfin’ USA (well Surfing NS).
My spiritual mentors in print have been Alexander Campbell, the key founder of the Restoration Movement, CS Lewis and Francis Schaeffer.  My mentors on a more personal level were my grandmother Beck, Alan Smith (minister at Central in the 1970s and 80s) and above all my father, who I still quote on a regular basis.
I have three wonderful children, Nathan, Leslie and Hannah, and am greatly looking forward to being a grand-parent very soon.