Canoe Cove Christian Camp

Good morning all!  What a blessed summer indeed! As summer has ended and fall rentals are coming out to an end it is time again to close up the camp for the winter season. If anyone is free to come lend a hand next Sat Oct 13 from 8am til noon. That would be great! Coffee and a morning snack will be provided! The following list are things that need to be done:
Tires on bouncy pillow, Soccer nets in pavilion, Lifeguards stand in pavilion, Raft in pavilion, Instruments from pavilion to main building,
Swings down- balls away, Ropes coarse down, Old cabins doors boarded up, Extra bunks taken apart and put in storage room &
Kitchen wipe down.
Thank you again for supporting the ministry at camp. Pray for the staff and campers as they are back to school that they will continue to grow their relationship with Christ through the school year!

Ministers, Elders, Representatives, Ladies & Gentlemen
Greetings from the Board of the Camp! I would like to advise that the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Canoe Cove Christian Camp will be held on Sunday, November 18th at 2:30 PM at the Lodge Building on the Camp Grounds in Canoe Cove. The Agenda will include (but not be limited to):
— Review and Approval of the Minutes of the 2018 Spring Meeting (June 3) and the 2017 Annual General Meeting (November 19, 2017)
— Financial Report and Presentation of the Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2017-2018
— Various Committee Reports
— Presentation of Camp Representatives (New and Current) and Discussion of Board for Fiscal Year 2018-2019
— Any New Business