Connect # 4 – November 2012

 Welcome to the 4th edition of Connect.   Connect is about connecting with our church family to celebrate and support what is happening in our family. Through this we want to grow in our love for one another as we learn about one another. 

 Birthdays and Anniversaries are something to be celebrated each year and we want to rejoice with those in our church family who have birthdays.  Please let Tammy in the office know if we do not have your birthday/anniversary information.

Happy Birthday goes out to:

November 2- Brion VanDuinkerken   November 14-Madelyn Parkin           November 18- Thomas Conway

November 18-Winfred Bridges           November 22-Anitra Young

Happy Anniversary goes out to:

November 30- Lou & Muriel Anderson

Prayer Corner

One thing we want to do as a body as well is to pray for one another.  If you have prayer concerns please share with the church office so we can join together in praying for you.  Please pray for the following of our family, especially who are going through health issues:  Eric and Mary Singleton, as Eric continues massive doses of chemo and radiation following surgery, Sandra and George Rashed, for continued healing.  Please keep Craig and Sara Townsend in your prayers.  Please keep those who have lost loved ones in your prayers, the Arenburg family, the Larkin family, the family of John PorterPray for Sunday Night Central as it grows, that hearts will be open and that lives will be changed by this ministry.


Central’s News

Sam Goodwin is working on his Duke of Edinburgh Award and has received his bronze level and just completed the silver (which he wouldn’t be awarded until spring). He is currently working on his gold level.

Emma Goodwin has just finished her bronze trip and will receive her award in the spring as well. It is an excellent program – worthwhile doing.

Emma MacDonald is also working on her Duke of Edinburgh Award.  We certainly do have some wonderful young people in our congregation. 
**If you have any news on what our youth are doing in our community, please let us know!!!**


 Join us for the next “Central Fun Night” on Friday, November 30th from 6:30 – 8:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. It’s for all ages!

We need to know you’re coming before November 18th.  Please sign up on the poster in the foyer!  Thanks!

“Minute-To-Win-It” is based on the popular TV game show.  Join a team and face 60 second challenges such as “Block Head” and “Basket Case”.

Can you beat the clock?  It’s going to be a lot of fun!  Cold drinks are provided but please bring your favorite snacks to share!



 In honor of Remembrance Day I wanted to share with you a couple of stories from our Veterans here at Central:

Anna (MacEwen) Moreside. (born April 20, 1925)

 She was a Corporal in the Army for WWII   (April 1944-July1946)

 Basic Training #3 C.W.A.C. In Kitchener, ON (Canadian Women’s Army Corps was a non-combatant branch of the Canadian Army for women established during WWII to release men from those non-combatant roles in the Canadian armed forces as part of expanding Canada’s war effort. Most women served in Canada but some served overseas, most in roles such as secretaries, mechanics, cooks and so on. The CWAC was finally abolished as a separate corps in 1964 when women were fully integrated into the Canadian armed forces. The headquarters of the CWAC was based in Goodwin House in Ottawa.)

 Department of National Defense:  Glebe Barracks #1, Ottawa ON (This is where she was stationed and she now jokingly calls it “The Battle of Ottawa”). She served as a secretary.  She typed telegrams to the families of the injured and dead.  She also researched the whereabouts of missing soldiers.

     In her 2 year job, she came across only 2 names of Island families whose sons were killed.  It was hard for her to type these telegrams.  She tells of one story where a family had 3 sons.  The youngest was too young to enlist but he lied and went to war.  Of the 3 sons, it was the youngest who was killed.  Understandably, the mother was distraught. 

     Before the end of WWII was announced to the world, the army was informed.  Mom and her fellow workers had to work overtime for 2 days/nights to get all the telegrams out to the families whose sons weren’t coming home.  It would have been awful to hear the good news, expect to see your child and then be told the sad news. 

     After the war, Mom remained to research the whereabouts of missing soldiers.   After the Army, Mom came home and went to Prince of Wales College in Charlottetown.  Courtesy of the Army.

     She actually had to come home before the closing ceremony because classes were starting.  She was being promoted to Corporal and would have received her second stripe for her army coat.  They did mail it to her but it never got put on her coat and we’re not sure where it is now.  She still has her army coat.  However the matching pants and skirt were died dark brown and used as everyday clothing.  Many women did that because of the lack of clothing to buy after the war. 

Floyd MacKinnon

Floyd joined the R.C.A.F. in 1942.  He served as a navigator with the Ferry command, called the R.A.F. because they could fly over more countries than the R.C.A.F.  The Ferry Command was started when the British were badly in need of planes and other equipment.   They would fly from Dorval, across the Atlantic and then return.  There were many in the plane and they would prepare to go again.  Thankfully Floyd came through the war with only stories and no injuries and enjoyed a good long life. 

Information submitted by Shirley MacKinnon.  Thank you Shirley. 

Let’s Encourage Each Other

Published on October 10, 2012

              Letters to the Editor (The Guardian)


So often in life we tend to look at the negative. We pick up the newspaper and we see the opposition trashing our government, forgetting they helped to carve this great debt on P.E.I. and started the PNP to begin with.

I recognize our government is in control and appears to be out of control and something has to drastically change if we are ever to get out of debt, but let’s encourage each other instead of trashing each other. That only gets the other’s back up and nothing gets done.

     On July 7, I had a tragic fall and fractured both my shoulders with many other injuries. I spent days in our QEH where a network of angels started their work on me, from the X–Ray department on. What gentle, compassionate souls they are when we are in total agony with pain and need to be maneuvered so gingerly. I stayed in the orthopedic unit for four days and was treated with nothing but kindness by the nursing staff, then transferred to the Prince Edward Home where I remained on the fourth floor until well into September.

     The pain is still awful but thankfully with various therapy five days a week I will get my two wings flying again with God’s grace. They were broken, but they will heal. The beautiful, compassionate staff around me and Pat and the Elephant: I used to see their van buzzing around town and never thought too much about them. This summer, I used them exclusively as my chariot for appointments. I have been told in other provinces they pay dearly for the services we take for granted here. My dear family, friends and church family: how blessed I felt to have that network around me. Once again in my life I felt completely surrounded by them and engulfed in that wonderful gift called ‘prayer’.

We have so much on P.E.I. to be thankful for and I, for one, am proud to say I am a Canadian and live in this beautiful province. Whichever government is in power let’s encourage and not discourage them to do better for all of us.                                                                                                                           Sandra Rashed


In this season of Remembrance this article may help us realize how much we often forget……

1Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. 2Blessed is the man against whom the LORD counts no iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit. 3For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long. 4For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as by the heat of summer. Selah —Psalm 32:1-4

Are you forgetful? Most of the time it won’t cost anything because we find what we lost later. But when it costs us, when we forget something significant in a relationship like a wedding anniversary, birthday, etc, we tend to be less forgetful. This is most obvious if we are forgetful in our relationship with Jesus.  Psalm 32 reminds us of why this kind of forgetfulness may be particularly damaging.

     These truths are designed to liberate us from our spiritual amnesiac tendencies. In this Psalm, David issues a deeper resolve to his own heart which we would do well to imitate.

     I will not forget that forgiveness produces blessedness (vv. 1-2). We are so busy looking for the perfect life that we miss the benefit of Jesus’ perfect life. No one and nothing can EVER remove that blessing we receive through Jesus’ death on a cross in our place, for our sins. Nowhere in God’s Word does it point you to the idea that you can have it both ways.  You simply cannot have what sin desires and what the Savior died to give. The greed of sin and the glory of the Savior are mutually exclusive. Happiness comes from being made holy by Jesus through forgiveness.

     I will not be fooled into imagining that sin satisfies (vv. 3-4). Don’t forget the story of your salvation. Think about what you were/are without Jesus. Your Jesus story is designed to be joyfully strengthening. Re-tell it to yourself and others to be reminded and reinforced by it. In verse 4, David remembers what happens when He forgot or lost sight of that and talks about when he neglected and cut off contact with God.

     Do you see the outcome? It is draining, deep, and distressing. How are you today? Weary? What David found in His wandering away from God is that God, in His mercy, will seek to wear you out as you walk away. Do you see that when the weight of the world is on your shoulders it may be the weight of the Lord’s hand searching your soul?

We may complain, “Why would He do that to me?” We are asking the wrong question. We should ask, “Why would He still do that for me?

Until next month may you not only remember what our Canadian Soldiers have done for your freedom, but also what Christ has done for you to be free.