Connect #6 January 2013


Welcome to the 6th  edition of “Connect”.   Connect is about connecting with our church family to celebrate and support what is happening in our family. Through this we want to grow in our love for one another as we learn about one another. 

Birthdays and anniversaries are something to be celebrated each year and we want to rejoice with those in our church family who have birthdays.  Please let Tammy know in the office if we do not have your information.

Happy Birthday goes out to:

Sandra Rashed-Jan3           Susie MacCallum-Jan 5                Jody Mosher-January 15
Dale MacKay-Jan 20                Charity May- Jan 23                 Florence Bridges-Jan 25
Canaan Darrach-Feb 1             Wendy Weeks-Feb 3                  Alex VanDuinkerken- Feb7
Shirley MacKay-Feb 7             Marjorie Stewart-Feb 8             Murray Campbell- Feb 9
Muriel Anderson-Feb 14         Sara Townsend-Feb. 15 (the big 4-0)
Shirley MacKinnon-Feb 21    Pam Campbell-Feb 23               Bonnie May-Feb 23
Benjamin Conway-Feb 27

Prayer Corner

One thing we want to do as a body as well is to pray for one another.  If you have prayer concerns, please share with the church office so we can join together in praying for you.  Please pray for the following of our family, especially who are going through health issues:  Blair LaPierre has been experiencing what was thought to be heart issues, but after a trip to a specialist in Saint John has found out it was a lung infection that has been causing his trouble.  Praise God for getting to the bottom of that.  He and Heather are leaving for Australia in February for 6 weeks so praying for safe travels for them.  Praying for Lois Chappell who is now in Prince Edward Home!  Visitors are welcome!!


Central’s News & Events

**We were pleased to have Amy, daughter of Choi and Mikyung, with us.  She is working in a Masters program in Korea and will be returning there next month.  Welcome Amy!!


**Congratulations to Hannah Macdonald who recently was granted a $1000 bursary from the PEI Nurses Union!!

**Central’s very own Martha MacIsaac recently went to the White House in Washington to watch a private screening of the new series 1600 Penn which Martha is starring in as Becca Gilchrist, the president’s daughter.  If you would like to check out the series it airs on NBC on Thursday night.

***Beginning, January 29, our Youth Group will have a new program director.  Her name is Megan Davies . Megan is a student at Maritime Christian College.  Hannah Macdonald and Peter Mac Intyre will be working with Megan as well as adult supervision including parents and board members from time to time.  Starts at 7pm so be there!!!  Pray for their grounding in a world that is so confusing sometimes!!!***

**There will be a Sleigh Ride at Terpstra’s Sleigh Rides in Milton on Friday February 22, at 6:30pm.  Sign up before February 10 on the sign up sheet in the church lobby!   Cost is $7 for adults, $6 for kids 12 and under 2 is free!!  A fun winter event!!!

***Central is going to be a part of “The Coldest Night of the Year” Fundraiser this year.  Teams will walk 2, 5 or 10k and will begin at Central on Saturday, February 23 at 4pm.  We will walk and then come back to Central for a hot meal similar to a soup kitchen.    All funds raised will go to Harvest House right here in Charlottetown.  Get a team together and start getting pledges.  A little friendly competition among teams might be fun too.

***Remember to check out the many Lifegroups and Bible Studies that are going on this winter to help you grow in your faith and knowledge of the Lord!!    A great way to get connected with other people of like faith as well. **

What a Savior!

He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God.

John 1:11-12, NKJV

God left His throne at the center of the universe. He set aside His glory, and He humbled Himself as He took on human flesh.

He came to His own – those whom He had created for Himself – but they didn’t receive Him.

They contradicted His Word.

They challenged His authority.

They denied His claims.

They questioned His motives.

They mocked His power.

They rejected His Person.

And God in Christ submitted Himself to their slapping, spitting, mocking, taunting, flogging, and stripping then allowed them to nail Him to a cross where He gave His own life as a sacrifice for their sin. And mine. And yours. His own death satisfied His own judgment for sin, and we are saved. Hallelujah! What a Savior!

Anne Graham Lotz



Choosing to Worship

The service begins.  The music starts.  We stand to worship.
How do I thank You, O Lord
For taking my place on the cross?
And how do I thank you, O Lord
For all of Your mercy and kindness? 

For calling me to You
For letting me hear You
For opening my heart to the gospel? 

I  notice those around me.  A young mom who has just recently discovered her precious son is autistic.  A man who just lost his job.  A mom and dad whose son is not walking with the Lord.  A woman whose husband has just left her. A woman who has been fighting cancer.  A single girl who is waiting for God to provide her a husband. A very tired mother of a newborn….

All of them singing. Lifting their hands. Choosing to worship.

As long as I have breath I will praise You
As long as my heart beats I will sing
As long as life flows in my veins
I will bless Your name 

The words we sing are a prayer. A reminder that our hope lies in the cross, His mercy…the gospel.  We focus on that, and I am drawn in to worship. Worshiping my God because of all He has done for me.  In spite of my circumstances.

How do I thank you, O Lord
For all of the love in Your eyes?
And how do I thank you, O Lord
For how You have changed me forever?
For giving me power, a hope and a future
With favor and gladness and every good thing

I look around me, and I am struck by the amount of people I know who are choosing to worship even though they are going through heavy trials. They inspire me  as I observe them–eyes closed, hands lifted.  The faithful. Saying thank you.  Focusing on how much they have in Christ, rather than what is  hard in their lives. I join them.  I focus on the gospel and am reminded that the God that changed me forever, gave me power, hope and a future, is the God who continues to hold me and carry me.

I worship Him.

As long as I have breath I will praise You
As long as my heart beats I will sing
As long as life flows in my veins
I will bless Your name 

I will bless Your name!             (From Keeping It Real)

Happy 2013 from the Leadership at Central!!  May we grow together in our relationships with God and with each other!!