Connect #8 – June – October 2013

8th Edition                                                                                   June-October 2013

Welcome to the 8th edition of Connect.   Connect is about connecting with our church family to celebrate and support what is happening in our family. Through this we want to grow in our love for one another as we learn about one another. 

Birthdays and anniversaries are something to be celebrated each year!

We want to rejoice with those in our church family who have birthdays

Happy Birthday goes out to:


June 1 – Caitlyn Croucher June 6 – Lou Anderson June 8 – Ashley VanDuinkerken June 14 – June Weeks
June 14 – Sherri MacWilliams June 17 – Jason Macdonald June 27 – Eileen Josey June 30 – Wayne Peters
July 8 – Shirley White July 20 – Lorriane Beck July 22 – Kadiatu Kamara July 22 – Jean Wheatley
July 23 – Linda Andrews July 25 – Geoff Conway July 26 – Roger May July 28 – Seraphine Cadotte
July 28 – Wendy VanDuinkerken July 31 – Oliver Andrews Aug 7 – Mona Bowlan Aug 14 – Karen Nieuwhof
Aug 17 – Thayne Campbell Aug 24 – Abby Macdonald Aug 28 – Lorna Peters Aug 29 – Ena Bertrum
Sept 5 – Donna Young Sept 7 – Rhonda MacKay Sept 12 – Cheryl Young Sept 15 – Connor Breedon
Sept 16 – Donald Hickox Sept 18 – Myron Weeks Sept 19 – Mary Hickox Sept 21 – Jean Bevins
Sept 25 – Jacob Young Sept 28 – Courtney Andrews Sept 28 – Stanley Mosher Sept 28 – Blair LaPierre
Oct 1 – Stephen Weatherbie Oct 2 – Nancy Richard Oct 7 – Janelle Peters Oct 9 – Gillian Oakley
Oct 9 – Norman MacKay Oct 14 – Sunday Night Central Oct 15 –Paula Andrews Oct 16 – Liam Parkin
Oct 24 – Allan Young Oct 31 – Craig Townsend    

Happy Anniversary goes out to:


June 1 – Allan & Donna Young June 3 –  Donald & Mary Hickox June 17 – Wayne & Lorna Peters July 12 – Winfred & Florence Bridges July 25 – Melvin Sim Turray & Kadiatu Kamara July 31 – Roger & Bonnie May Aug 1 – Blair & Shirley Myers Aug 6 – George & Sandra Rashed Aug 7 – Jason & Connie Macdonald Aug 10 – Geoff Conway & Sherri MacWilliams Aug 11 – Callum & Lorraine Beck Aug 14 – Craig & Sara Townsend Aug 28 – Norman & Shirlie MacKay Sept 2 – Myron & June Weeks Sept 8 – Stanley & Jody Mosher Sept 12 – Brion & Wendy VanDuikerken Sept 24 – Mike Trainor & Pam Josey Sept 25 – Bill & Joan Macdonald Oct 1 – Fred & Linda Andrews Oct 2 – Dale & Rhonda MacKay Oct 6 – Haldane & Tracy Croucher Oct 20 – Murray & Pam Campbell    



May 20 – Eileen Arsneault July 1 – Shirley Beck July 21 – Eric Singleton


Prayer Corner
Father, For the strength that you have given me, I thank you.  For the health that you have blessed me with, I thank you. For the people who are going through illness and their families, I ask you to strengthen and heal as you see fit.  Lord we know you want us to be in good health and to prosper.  Lord use us to do the work you have for us to do. For we know time is getting short on this earth.  Lord be with every person who is sick and encourage them only as you can.  I know how faithful you are. You have shown yourself to be everything that you say that you are in your Holy Word. I praise you as you made this body and you can heal this body. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.


Wednesday Prayer Time

A spontaneous group has been meeting for a number of weeks on Wednesdays at 11a.m in the church.
We have decided to make this a weekly time of sharing and praying for our church, for our families, and for the world.  Please come and join us as we go to God with our praise, our thanksgiving and our concerns.  We look forward to seeing your there!
We have just finished week three of The Story.  It has been a lot of work and planning to pull this program together but already it is proving to be of great spiritual benefit.  There are 11 mid-week life groups and we encourage everyone to join a group suitable for them.  You can find a brochure at the Connect table which lists all you need to know about each group.  There is also a big Sunday School adult class being led by Wayne Peters and great Sunday School classes for the teens and children.  While both the Sunday morning and evening messages will be dealing with the same chapter in The Story the messages will be from unique perspectives.  So grab your book, make sure you set aside a half-hour each week to read a chapter, and may God show you how your story fits in with His story.

Central’s News & Events

**Congratulations to Cody Richard who was baptized on August 4.   God bless you as you grow in your relationship with Him!!  Cody is the son Ken & Nancy Richard.

**Vacation Bible School was held on Aug 19-23. The church was turned into a medieval castle. This year’s theme was Kingdom Rock! Thank you to all volunteers

**The Ladies Fall Retreat was a great success again this year. It was held on October 5. There were 98 ladies

in attendance this year as they followed Ann Voskamp in her journey to “1000 Gifts”. Sweeter Things catered this event.

** We hosted a Free Carnival in the Park on August 24 in Kings Square. This was a great way for Central to give back to the community around our downtown location and introduce friends and family to our church family. The day was filled with games, puppets, a bouncy castle, face painting and yummy treats.

** Block Party was held on Sept 15 with the six Prince Street Churches. A great time was had by all.

** Youth Group started on Sept 18. We have a great line up of eager and enthuastic leaders (Megan, Will, Brandon, Alicia & Katie) to lift the young adults into the Lord.

** Brian Macdonald is one of 16 owners of our newly formed Islanders Hockey Team. The team spirit is high, attendance is up from previous years, and so far, the team’s place in the league is much improved overall.  We invite you to come join them at one of the upcoming games.

** Drew Macintyre, his wife Karen and their 2 young daughters, Mullen and Sallie, attended services here at Central during his time off from hockey last summer. Drew is currently a goalie with Toronto Marlies, and the family lives in Etobicoke. Drew is an example of keeping his faith in the forefront in all areas of his life. A quote from his agent, Thane Campbell, ‘He’s an uplifting guy to talk to, seems to be always in good spirits, and that is never complaining about what could have been. He’s looking at the positive and saying..  What might be‘’ In a blog, he states that central to his life is the understanding that, all appearances to the contrary, there is a plan, and that a diet rich in heartbreak is part of the plan. Such is the life of a hockey player, but such also is life for any of us.  Should we learn a lesson from this young man? We need to keep Drew, Karen and their children in our prayers.

** We welcome Nick Evans who has joined us for the morning worship. He belongs to PEI’s only professional sports franchise, The Storm, who last year played in Summerside.  Nick grew up on a farm in Bridgeport Illinois. This is his second year playing with the Storm. A quote from a coach in his former league, “Nick is known to be the happiest and especially the loudest player on the team… in practice his voice is usually the one you hear shouting encouragement to his teammates”. We hope that Nick and his friend Tasha MacKinnon feel at home in our midst. Be sure to cheer him on at one of his games.

**Congratulations to Melvin Sim Turray Jr and his under 16 soccer team which finished fifth in the National soccer finals. Melvin was also part of an Atlantic All-star team in the summer.

** Congratulations to Nathan Beck and his soccer team on their 9th  place finish (with a 4 -1 record) in the national soccer championship held in Halifax on Thanksgiving weekend!

** Charity May is in Iquitos, Peru working for 6 months with Cuso International as a volunteer youth intern. She departed on August 19. If you would like more information on the work she is doing, please feel free to email her @

** Sunday Night Central held an Outdoor Service on the waterfront on August 25.

** Norma & David Morse have been visiting their family and support churches since August. They return to Thailand on Oct 25. Please remember them in your prayers.

** Join Cheryl Young Tuesday Nights here at 6:30 for Jillian Michaels Bodyshred & Thursday Nights @ 6:30 for ZUMBA!            $5 a class. Half of the money collected will go to the Mission of the Month! All fitness levels can participate!

** The November Giveaway will be held on November 23. Please call the office to register.

**The Sunday School Christmas Concert will be held on Sunday December 15 and the Christmas Cantata “Child of Wonder” is on December 22.  Choir practices are at 2:00 each Sunday afternoon.  All welcome.


Canoe Cove Christian Camp Update for Summer 2013  Thank You…Thank you…..Thank you… Summer has ended with another successful year.  Lots of sun, good food and lots of FUN. All because of GOD!! Our mattress fundraiser was a huge success with 66 mattresses purchased!! Thank you for all the donations that made this possible. The children appreciated the “good” night sleeps!!  The kids loved all the cookies that were made with your cookie donations as well!!  Although we were down in volunteers we were able to have a lot of youth volunteers with us for the whole summer. We would like to send out a BIG Thank YOU to ALL of our Volunteers (young and older) that came out and put in many hours to make this program a success!! The waters were-a splashing with the 14 baptisms. Jesus is alive in this place!! Please continue to keep the camp in your prayers and show your support by coming out to our Fall AGM on November 24 @ 3:00pm at the camp. All welcome.

God Bless; Alan and Mary Mills; Camp Managers


Happy Birthday Sunday Night Central. They celebrated their one year anniversary on October 14.


Were you away on Sunday and missed the service? No worries. Go to our website and click on sermons.  Sunday Night Central services are online as well J


Without a doubt, we often get so busy in our day to day lives; we don’t take time to just appreciate what others are doing. YOU are a vital importance to the overall effectiveness of our church. We could not do it without ALL of you!