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Voice to the Nations – KS SAM – June 2018

Bringing Christ’s Gospel to the People of India

South India Rural Development Mission (SIRD) in southern India was founded by Sam K Swarmy.  SIRD has established several churches; sewing schools for women; a widow’s ministry; medical and eye exams, vocational training for children including computer and sewing; children’s ministries such as bible classes, VBS, and education supports. It also has Mt. Moriah Christian Children’s Home for the orphaned and poor which gives them shelter, food and education.  With your donations, we are currently supporting 16 girls with the hopes of adding 8 more. Because of new Indian laws, a new building has started that will house up to 50 girls (no boys).  Voice to the Nations (foundedin 1993) supports all of these programs.

Sam, his wife, his brothers and their wives, and their team are working hard daily in this vibrant growing ministry.  Right now, the mission really needs your prayers because the latest Indian government is very pro Hindu and frowns upon Christian missions. As a result, they are not willing to issue charitable designation to SIRD so we can no longer issue tax receipts for 2018.  However, we are still able to receive funds and send them along to Sam and he continues to fight for his Indian tax designation approval.  Please pray that it will be granted.  Voice has retained its charitable status and we hope to resume our tax receipts when this is settled.  If you would like a receipt for your donation, please donate on Sunday morning with your tithe made out to Central and designate VTTN – KS Sam.  Please consider sponsoring a child, the sewing school, the widows, the new building so that this amazing work can go on to achieve great things with the Lord.

Update:  The mission has once again been undergoing trials.  The churches/Christians in India are undergoing persecution from the Hindus. We are thankful to God that Sam and his family have been left unharmed.  However, we announced last year we were going to sell our present Children’s Home building and start building on our new property.  The person who wanted to buy the current building is now not going to buy so we gave back his advance amount.  Sadly, the building selling process and new building project are now canceled. The Government of India is saying we need one dormitory hall for children (girls) within two months.  Sam talked with a Bank manager and arranged a loan of $20,000.  Voice is now sending extra money to cover this new monthly expense.  Building a second floor on the current building was started in May and needs to be completed by the end of July  Work continues in all areas despite the trials and Sam and Voice ask for prayers and financial assistance.


Voice Board:  Jamie Lewis, Stewart Lewis, Laurie Wheatley, Ron Ryder and