Man of Peace (Africa)

June 2018

Dear Supporters of Man Of Peace Development,
It has been a challenging few years in Mali.  While many foreigners left the country over the last three years, we stayed to work wherever we could minimize the risk.  But our field workers could see that central Mali was rapidly destabilizing.  The kidnapping of a Colombian nun only 60 km away from our work area confirmed that it was no longer safe for us or our Malian colleagues if we stayed.

In February 2017 the MoPD board and field workers agreed that upon their return to Canada we would call a full stop on trips to Mali for one full year, and then reevaluate in 2018.

We have been maintaining a close watch on Mali’s stability and safety, but it is clear the security situation will not improve quickly. That means our role must change as a result.

But we were there to see amazing things happen:

Women’s Literacy: 47 women completed at least two of nine available books.

Audio Education: 
1500 SD memory cards with educational materials read aloud in local languages have been circulated.  In fact, as locals copy the files from phone to phone on their own (via Bluetooth), the content has spread rapidly to over eleven
Gandougou villages and even into territory we couldn’t have visited in person!

Two of our local partners received 67 irrigation kits to train people on for MOPD.  “Drought Gardens” have been successfully planted with those kits as of March 2018.

Water Purification: 
The 3000-person water purification project started in early 2017 finished seven months early, in January 2018 instead of August!

We have also kept in touch by cell phone with our local advocates, “men of peace” who have been faithfully serving beside us since shortly after we arrived in Mali in 2011.  Their faithfulness and energy has meant that while we cannot visit, we can still maintain, observe and remotely initiate new projects on even less funding than before.

As a result, we are pleased to report that we have already met our funding goals for 2018.  In fact, we have already covered the expected costs for the field visits our Malian advocates are planning for the smaller-scale projects they will be overseeing, and do not anticipate needing further funding before 2019.

Because these needs are met, and we do not want to just put your gifts in the bank for a year, we would like to commend to you this work in Mali to invest in while we complete the tasks you’ve already supported:

It is hard to believe that one research trip to rural Mali in 2006 has now sparked seven years of activity, and such amazing breakthroughs among thousands of people from two very precious and isolated people groups.

If security improves and our work can grow again, we will let you know through the MoPD Facebook page and our website.  Will you please keep being part of this story? Keep checking our page from time to time.

Thank you for partnering with us on this wild ride of serving among some of the most hidden and neglected people on planet earth.

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Do you know that a water bottle will hold roughly $100 of dimes?