Man of Peace (Africa)

mop-buckets26 November at 07:03 ·

Man of Peace workers are just about ready for this terms first wave of training in drip irrigated gardens and water purification.

150 water containers got delivered today.

100 water containers for water filtration kits.
50 buckets for water conserving drip irrigated gardens.

Now MOPD workers will be drilling holes in each one, so the containers are ready for attachment fittings. Seems to be their weekends work.

Reports so far seem to indicate that the water filter kits from last term are at 100% usage. Everyone, the mom’s and their trained daughters, in the training program got the message loud and clear- being attentive to water quality and purification drastically improves family heath, especially in young children.

We have a report of one broken filter.
MOPD workers were asked if they could glue it back together. They asked the family how it was split in two, but they were kind of sheepish about it. We think they wanted to know what was inside, and tried to pry it open. Thankfully, there were enough filters in the camp for everyone to share.

We admire their curiosity. What exactly is inside these filters that causes them to be so powerful and cost effective?
A membrane like that found a dialysis system. Bacteria and other contaminants can not pass through, only water can.


Do you know that a water bottle will hold roughly $100 of dimes?