Norma & David Morse

Update – Aug 2018
Dear Friends:

Every time I start a note to you the first thing that comes to mind is “Thank you, Thank you! Thank you for your prayers, your love and your financial support. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for the love that you showed to my parents during the many years they were a part of your church family.

Thank you for your kindness and the generous gift of money that you gave to us to celebrate my 40th anniversary of being in Thailand. It has been quite a journey, with highs and low like every journey. But you have been faithful, God has been faithful, and we have been so blessed by being able to live and work in Thailand.

The literature office continues to be a busy place – new books are being produced, Bible teaching and sermons in Lisu get uploaded to the internet every week and get on average 600 or more people listening to the word of God that way. Songs of praise and worship are being sung. Lives are being changed because of God and his word.

And the longer we serve the more we become aware of the need and the power of prayer. Just a couple of weeks ago I was meeting with some dear Lisu friends. The stories they were sharing were heart wrenching. Grandpa is sitting off to the side with a terrible looking, gangrenous leg. The doctor has told him that he needs an amputation, but he has refused. So there he sits. Their son is in jail for using drugs. A neighbour dropped by who was having severe emotional problems since her husband left her for another woman, for the second time. (And that was only part of the conversation.) And then it was time to pray. And I must admit, for a time I knew I was praying in doubt. How can all these terrible things possibly change? But God has promised us that He loves us, He hears and He will answer. So we wait and trust, knowing that He can truly change lives and change the world.

Thank you for coming alongside and your heart for helping people in faraway places learn about a God who loves them. We know you have your own joys and sorrows. You can probably tell similar stories about struggles in your own families or neighbourhood. Praise God for his faithfulness and what he desires to do in our lives and in our world, if only we will trust in him.
Norma and David Morse

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