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** Mission of Month for May 2020 is Pioneer Bible Translators**

It has been two weeks since I last sent you an update on how I am doing here in Papua New Guinea. PTL I am healthy and am managing okay. It is difficult to be so far away from my family in Canada, and it remains unknown when any international passenger flights will resume any flights out of PNG.

In order to protect the people of this country, the PNG government has extended its State of Emergency until June 6th. There are some limited domestic flights running within PNG, but there will not be any passenger flights out of country for some time. Unless the Lord clearly opens up a special flight arrangement to get me back to Canada, it could be two or more months before I can depart PNG.

With my limited cooking skills, I have been spending part of each week preparing meals I can freeze and stock up in. (I know how to make spaghetti, chicken vegetable soup, tuna macroni, and scrambled eggs.)  😀  My favorite store across the road where I get my roasted chickens is closed during this period, and there has been no main market and few garden produce items available at the one large grocery store I shop at. So I’ll have to wait a while before I can make my basic “chicken ball w lettuce/tomato/carrot in a tortilla wrap” meal.

(Below is pictures of my chicken soup.)

I know these days are hitting all of us hard in a lot of different ways. As we just came through Easter weekend, I am humbled by what Christ endured for me, for all of us, by taking and nailing all of our sins to the cross, giving us access to the Father above. It is at times like this that we all must lean hard into our faith in Christ and the compassion of God, and believe He will carry us through this difficult time.

Praise God….

  • I remain healthy, and have sufficient supplies of food and basic necessities to last me quite a while.
  • There are only 2 official cases of COVID-19 in PNG at this time. But we should not fool ourselves to think there are not more cases that are undocumented.
  • We have the technology for me to connect with my family by chat and occasional video calls online.
  • for birthdays to celebrate (Eric on April 5; his third daughter Dakota April 12; and his first daughter Kylie on April 15) and for Eric and Esther’s anniversary coming up on April 25.

Pray to God….

  • that I, and the people of PNG, will remain healthy.
  • that I will have the emotional strength to get through the many more weeks in front of me before I can reunite with family.
  • for financial help to offset the increase of costs it will take for me to remain overseas and whatever it will cost to get airline tickets when the opportunity comes for me to get flights from PNG to Canada.

Special Family Prayer Requests

  • A few days ago at her hospital, Jill was exposed to someone at work who was tested positive for COVID-19. She is required to quarantine herself for 14 days to see if she has been infected or not. Please pray that she does not test positive.
  • Eric has been let go from his job. Pray for Eric & Esther and their three girls that the Lord would provide for them now, and a new job in the future.
  • Pray for Glen as he carries more weight at his work due to the loss of other employees, but the work load has not decreased.
  • Pray for Stacy as she still has one more semester of Practicum to finish her LPN Diploma, but it is unclear how and when they can get this last semester done this year. Pray they could find a safe way for her to complete this before the end of the year.

Special Request

At this time, when I know so many people are being impacted financially by this global pandemic, I hesitate to ask for special donations to help me (and Jill) out. The reality though, is that we had planned for me to be here in PNG only up until the beginning of April. It may be June or even July before I can get back home, unless the Lord provides the opportunity to come back sooner. Every week I remain in PNG will be extra costs to us which we had not anticipated. And, we do not know what it might cost to fly me home when the window does open up. Our mission has asked us as missionaries to at least ask our dear friends and supporters whether it might be possible to send in a special donation to help offset this current situation we are in. Donations could be done online through the links below, or you can write back to us and we can tell you where donations can be sent to help us out.

In all of this, we put our trust in God, and we know He is faithful, to complete that which He first began in each of us.

We are so grateful for your partnership with us in prayer,

Norm & Jill Weatherhead
Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

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