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July 2020 – Our Latest Prayer & Praise

Dear Central Christian Church
Thank you for praying for us and our work here in Canada and in Papua New Guinea. Here is what is happening:

Praise God….
• that all of us in our families are remaining in good health. We do pray for those who are sick or have loved ones who are sick right now due to COVID19.
• for the technology we have so Norm can get messages to and from the Akukem team to check on their Bible translation progress.
• that Norm has been offered a role to help teach students at the Canadian Institute of Linguistics (CanIL) to help train up the next generation of potential Bible translators.
• that Eric was able to get hired at a new company after being out of work for three months. The work he will do is going to be similar to the work he was doing for his last employer, so that is great as well.

Pray to God….
• for the people of PNG. There has been a sudden jump of new cases of COVID19 reported in this past week. The number is very small right now, but it is worrying the PNG government, and it gives them more cause to keep their borders closed to non-essential travelers.
• for the Akukem translation team. They are doing well (health-wise), and are making progress on two main fronts: a) completing the Village Check of Luke; and b) proceeding with the translation and back-translation of Genesis.
• for Norm to be able to do some Akukem language analysis while back in Canada. Whenever the next trip will be back to PNG (some point in 2021), the goals would be to complete the revisions to Luke, to continue the Exegetical Checking of the Pastoral Epistles, and begin looking at Genesis.
• for us to have wisdom regarding Norm’s CanIL teaching role. We are praying about Norm visiting the campus of the school in Langley, BC for a few weeks in September to help get the course started, and then return to Calgary to teach the course online (due to COVID19) for the remainder of the semester.
• that our finances will stay stable during this time of uncertainty for so many people. Teaching at CanIL is a volunteer position and Norm will be “on loan” from PBT- Canada to CanIL. Both organizations are Faith-based and many teachers at CanIL are also missionaries who rely on support from their financial donors.
• for Jill to remain safe and healthy as she works as a casual nurse at the Calgary hospital.
We are so grateful for your partnership with us in prayer,

Norm & Jill Weatherhead
Missionaries to Papua New Guinea

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