The Weatherheads – Pioneer Bible Translators

Sept 29, 2018
Praise God….
• Norm went to PNG to help the Akukem translation team to do the Exegetical-Advisor Check on more chapters of Luke. The goal was to try to get 5 more chapters checked and ready for the next consultant. The session was cut short when Norm was attacked and car-jacked, and yet the team was still able to complete 4 1/2 chapter of revisions. Praise God for much being done in only 2 1/2 weeks of checking their rough draft of Luke.
• The Spiritual Retreat (Sept 23-25) which the Branch held just outside of Madang was very encouraging and a time of strengthening hearts to do the work of God, no matter what the obstacles or trials are that we may face in our ministry work.
• The Strategy Meeting on Sept 26 went very well. Our Branch was able to consider big questions like: “How do we prepare for as many as 10 new translation teams to work with new language groups, and how will we find these new groups in these remote areas of PNG?” Other important matters which will affect our work for many years to come were also discussed. Thank you for praying.
• And a big praise is that Norm is feeling well, which is amazing considering that the attack he suffered happened only 2 weeks ago. Thank you Jesus.

Pray to God….
• that Norm will continue to be well both physically and emotionally. Some good friends and counselors have said that there could be painful emotional memories that seem to come out of the blue months after a traumatic event like this.
• as Norm starts his journey from PNG to Florida in this coming week. Norm leaves Madang Monday Oct 1 early morning (7am in PNG, which is 3pm Calgary time on Sunday). Flight scheduling resulted in such a way that Norm will overnight in Port Moresby, PNG Monday night, then overnight in Brisbane, Australia on Tuesday night, and in Sydney Wednesday night. The long flight will be Thursday, going Sydney=>Dallas=>Fort Lauderdale. Pray for smooth travels on this long day.
• while Norm takes his 8th and final Doctor of Ministry (DMin) course in Florida, Oct 8-12. This course will prepare him to do his Major Research Project in 2019. Pray that Norm can find the right topic to be researching which will complete his degree next year and help to advance the Kingdom work of Bible translation over in PNG.
We are so grateful for your partnership with us in prayer,

Norm & Jill Weatherhead
Missionaries to Papua New Guinea